Welcome to our school !

MLA’s curriculum is based on the Quran, but also incorporates a variety of academic subjects to promote well-rounded students. In addition, MLA teaches girls ways to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily routines and be exposed to he Prophet’s activities of horseback riding, archery, and swimming. Teachers will also incorporate educational field trips to other Quran schools, universities, museums, sporting events and theatre shows to provide social and cultural enrichment outside the classroom.

 MLA will provide a curriculum that addresses the personal and spiritual developmental needs of our students. While the Quran will serve as our base, we are also concerned with enriching our students so that they become well-rounded and enriched in a manner that is holistic. Thus, we are excited to offer a broad range of subjects, including but not limited to: linguistics and literacy, mathematicsscienceethicsphysical educationart and creativity, and technology. Through studying these disciplines, girls will develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate the ever-changing complex world in which we live, while maintaining a strong religious foundation.


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